Thursday, December 10, 2009

If you are an alpha tester of JOLICLOUD just wait to upgrade to Beta

As Tariq Krim has just preesented at LeWeb conference in Paris the new Beta of Jolicloud, let's remind to all of us , alpha testers that the pre-beta version will be available from update in our JOLICLOUD by the end of thsi week. (VIDEO here)

Here is a good post by Robin Wauters from Paris (an early adopter of Jolicloud, like me ;-) and also a journo at techCrunch) on the upcoming beta version of Jolicloud

Friday, December 4, 2009

Jolicloud Not Final Pre-Beta Release Hands On is out !

Update: NETBOOKED a very well informad blog about ... netbooks, created by Peter Cartwright, has just released the First Hand Out review of the to come Jolicloud pre-Beta BUT NOT FINAL release

UPDATE: the version used by Peter is a test version, improving on alpha 2C that we have all, but it is not the new FINAL VERSION of the coming beta!

source: a Tweet from @jolicloud:
@JacopoGio Be aware the Pre-Beta Netbooked got is NOT the final version ;)
jolicloud 5th Dec, 0:23

Many of the points I was asking for an improvement seem to have been corrected (as always with a Tariq Krim project):
- resizing,
- double icon in the task bar ...

Well, we all need to just way another few days to be able to test it on our own ;-)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jolicloud’s Pre-Beta release will support native resolution for Intel Atom z500-series netbooks with the GMA500 chipset.

Adam McDaniel, who joined Jolicloud in January 2009 as lead OS architect, announced in the new Jolicloud's Developers Blog that "Jolicloud’s Pre-Beta release will support native resolution for Intel Atom z500-series netbooks with the GMA500 chipset."

This includes the Asus Eee PC T91MT, Eee PC 1101HA, Eee PC 1201HA, Acer Aspire One 751, Dell Inspiron Mini 10, and Sony Vaio P, among others.

The role of Adam McDaniel is to provide Jolicloud with support for as many netbook architectures as possible, and to fix the other little quirks that other Linux distributions have not yet solved.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Tariq Krim explaining his Jolicloud OS for netbooks

There is a brand new video interview of Tariq Krim explaining and presenting Jolicloud, the easysimple Os for netbooks.

The new UI will be offered in January 2010, and users will be able to control all their UI.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Jolicloud will unveil its real new UI in December !

European Web entrepreneur, Tariq Krim (CEO and founder) has announced that the new User Interface (UI) of Jolicloud, the easysimple Os for Netbooks, will be presented at the LeWeb conference the 9th and 10th of December in Paris.

@tariqkrim => "Can wait to unveil Jolicloud new killer UI at LeWeb. Already the best os perf on netbooks, be ready for phase 2! you aint seen nothing yet"

The UI was the main subject concerning Jolicloud as, at the moment, they it is using the Ubuntu Remix interface.

Friday, October 23, 2009

I have some Jolicloud invites for you ;-)

If you want to try Jolicloud, easysimple OS for Netbooks, just send me your email.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Google Wave works ok on Jolicloud Os but screen is small

I just received my own Google Wave invite. So here is a capture of my waving on my Dell Mini 9 with Jolicloud , the Os for netbooks with Chrome Dev as browser (was not working on FF).

Gwave is quite "rigid" as it is in beta... everybody is looking for something: gadgets, extensions, edit, delete...

It is difficult to exploit it at the moment. Some say : "it is like IRC of 1998"...

My own thought, now: the screen is too small as the resize is offered by Gwave.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

New "Clouds" screen-saver for Jolicloud

With the latest updates of Jolicloud, the easysimple OS for netbooks, here is the new "Clouds" screen-saver for your netbook.

I love it !

Monday, September 14, 2009

I have one request concerning new FF on Jolicloud

I just launched the new FireFox 3.5 made specially for Jolicloud, the netbbok OS.

All is fine except, a new Tab navigation toolbar line in the FF menu bar, that takes all the second line of the menu.

I would prefer to hide that line(as it was with the previous 3.0 version, but I did not found the right check box in the View>Toolbars menu of FF.

Can someone check this ? Thanks in advance ;-)

So, FireFox 3.5 is arrived on Jolicloud OS !

Yes, the Jolicloud team has managed in just a few weeks to adapt FireFox 3.5 (html5 and canvas) to the Linux based Jolicloud OS for netbooks. Kudos !

Sunday, September 13, 2009

New MiniWidget for Jolicloud (Weather, Localization) is amazing

The new updates of Joliclouds are improuving even more the easysimple netbook OS, still in its alpha version.

Today, I jujst discovered a new option by clicking on the time zone on the right in the upper menu.

In fact, 2 new options are present: Localization (enter your city) and Weather (where you can choose your preferred units for temperature and wind speed).

Once done, you have now a mini widget appearing in the top menu bar on the right.

The mini-widget will show the latest weather conditions with an icon reprensenting the weather conditions (sunny, cloudly, rain) , the day/night time, the temp and date (day/month, hours and seconds)
If you pass over with your arrow you will have also the wind speed and the local sunrise and sundet hours.

Now, if you want to check more than one city, you have just to add them to the list (like I did for San Francisco and Hô Chi Minh Ville) so you will be able to check in one click on the mini widget, their local time and weather conditions! And a Montly calendar is there too with a World map with your cities.

Very useful, is also that all cities you have entered have an indication (+/-) containing the number of hours difference. So, finally, I know that SF is -9 hours compared to Brussels(Paris) and that Vietnam is +5. => easysimple !

Here, also just with "mouse-over", I can check weather conditions in all the cities I have selected: useful for frequent travellers!

That is really an amazing improvement that gives just an idea, I think, of the real potential of Jolicloud, as a dedicated Os for netbooks with special concepts adapted to the netbooks.

I am waiting the new beta release that I am sure will bring many more surprises.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Finally I can resize my windows in Jolicloud OS

A month ago I wrote my wish list concerning Jolicloud and the first point was:

1) I want to have multiple windows/applis opened at the same time on my netbok screen

For that the "resize window" was to be functioning on my Dell mini 9.
And today, with the new updates I have it ! Thanks Jolicloud Team, you rocks !

You can see from my captures that "Resize Window" works for the FireFox web-browser but also for the other applis. Down here you can see Openoffice Writer and FF.

The resizing, is not as immediate as in Windows XP, because Jolicloud, the easysimple OS for netbooks, is by default pushing the windows at the maximum size to help with the smaller screens.

So, in order to resize a window, you have
  1. to click in the Top menu bar (the one with the Blue House)
  2. choose Restore (that way ... the windows gets resizeable with the little white arrow (you can see in my captures)
Among the options, in the Top menu bar, there is also a Resize option, but that one does not work for me :-/ (I have a French version, so it could be a translation problem)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Now Spotify is an official appli of Jolicloud

A few weeks ago we explained how to use Spotify on Jolicloud with Wine.

But just now, the Jolicloud has announced that the Spotify appli is available for direct install in the Applis directory!

Well Done !

And also some invitations for Spotify are available on Jolicloud web site.

On this occasion, our friends at Spotify have given us free invites for our Jolicloud users in France, Spain and the UK. If you live in one of those countries, you can click on the following link to sign up and create your Spotify account now:

If you live in another country where Spotify is open (Sweden, Finland or Norway) and still wish to create an account, email us at We’ll see what we can do!

PS: Note: for those of you who have manually installed Spotify before, you can uninstall your previous version by going to Home Jolicloud (blue house) . And by clicking on “Uninstall Wine Software” in “Wine” and selecting “Spotify” to start the uninstall process.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Jolicloud to support also Poulsbo GMA500 netbooks

Jolicloud has just announced on their Twitter that :

"Nice the next jolicloud version support poulsbo (gma 500) Check this picture taken on the new umid "

At the moment, just Atom netbook were supported => here the updated list

Owners of
notably the Sony Vaio P and Dell Inspiron Mini 12, among others, will be pleased by this news ;-)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Yes, you can have a dual-boot with Jolicloud !

I was checking this blog stats and among others there are a few searches coming for Dual-Boot.

So, yes, you can use you netbook with a Multi-Boot and more frequently a Dual-boot.

On my own Dell mini 9 inspiron I have keept the original OS (Windows XP) and I have added, in parallel, Jolicloud, the easysimple OS made for netbooks and based on Linux.

If works fine, in fact it is as if I had 2 different netbooks as the 2 partitions (divisions of the hard disk) that I made, 1 for XP and 1 for Jolicloud, do not communicate to each other. So, yes, I had to reenter passwords and to download applis that I had already... nut that because i wanted to keep the dual-boot. ;-)

Why I wanted to keep XP ? Well:
  1. to compare wih Jolicloud (and for the moment I am very pleased) and
  2. to use applis or devices (as un 3G USB key) that have not already good Linux drivers
  3. to have an option in case of a failure of ... Jolicloud that is still just in its alpha stage (but that has never happened so far)
For what the dual-boot is concerned, the Jolicloud settings will force Jolicloud as the "default OS to lauch at start" . That means that if I just click ON on my netbook, Jlicloud will launch itself on the machine... unless in the 10 first seconds I move the arrow on the XP sign to launch instead XP.

Some, more expert users are also using a Triple-Boot with ... other Linux Distributions.

(IMAGE taken from: thanks in advance ;-) )

Friday, August 28, 2009

Check the new list of Jolicloud supported netbooks and devices

If you want to know if your netbook is compatible with Jolicloud, the easysimple OS for netbooks you should check this wiki list maintened by Jolicloud.

Not all netbooks from the same producer are supported ... as my own Dell mini 9 is but the Dell Mini 10 - is NOT supported.

Rember also that : "If your netbook is not on this list, it doesn't mean Jolicloud may not support it. Chances are, it will work, we (Jolicloud) just haven't explicitly tested it yet. "

There is also a list of

Other devices (not netbooks) that run successfully with Jolicloud

  • Lenovo x61 (no touchscreen support, install requires partitions on usb device:
  • Voodoo Envy133
  • Lenovo U110
  • Macbook GMA950 1.1
  • eMachines D620 (Mic not working)
  • Dell Inspiron 6000 (further testing to come)
  • Dell Inspiron 700m (odd cursor/position mismatch on Home page, but otherwise great)
  • Gateway LT3103u
  • Dell D430
  • Sony VAIO VGN-T140P (Used PLoP to boot from USB:
  • HP Compaq nx7010 (no issues)
  • Toshiba Satellite A105-S4011
  • Vye Mini-V S37 (full touchscreen support, working on audio issue)

Monday, August 24, 2009

How Jolicloud will help your Windows netbook.

Jolicloud, the easysimple OS for netbooks even in its alpha release is based on opensourced Linux and could help increase the performances of your neybook if it now running with a Windows OS.

Here is why, in a text by Caitlyn Martin (on the O'Reilly website)

"if you're running Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7, all of which are significantly more resource hungry that any of the Linux distributions (Jolicloud included) typically offered on netbooks.

When you add anti-virus and anti-spyware software plus a personal firewall, the minimum requirements for a safe and secure Windows system, the poor netbook is so bogged down that performance is poor.

Yes, with Jolicloud OS compared to Windows Xp and even the new coming Windows 7, you do not need to run any Anti-virus, Anti-Spyware or a personal firewall ...

It saves, yes, money but, more essentially, here, resources for your netbook.

PS: above image is from this amazing little page

Sunday, August 16, 2009

HTML5 is also on Jolicloud (with Chrome)

While we wait here, on Jolicloud for Firefox 3.5 that come shortly (actually we are on 3.0.13 with the Mozilla Firefox for Ubuntu Canonical 1.0 if you have installed the new Chrome browser from Google you can enjoy the HTML 5 demos like the one you see up there (capture) from here and you have much more on

Check this (works if you have an HTML5 browser enabled)

Tip: How to add a Web appli to your Jolicloud netbook

If you can not wait that the Jolicloud team prepares for you a Web application, here is a short procedure for doing that yourself.

But, first let me thank Keith Rowland who wrote it in his blog Looking Out For Number One because I had just copy/pasted its own text ;-)

For doing that you need to launch Prism an application created by Mozilla (the makers of Firefox, Thunderbird, ...) that comes integrated in the Jolicloud package.

Here it is Keith's text:

Step-by-step instructions for adding your own web page as a Launch Menu application.

First Make a Prism App:

  • UPADTE just type ALT + F2
  • OR (From the Home Launcher (the little bleu house icon in the left of the upper menu) , click Accessories then click Terminal.)
  • Type at the command line: prism and then do click "enter"
  • Enter the URL of the Web application (as in
  • Enter the Display Name you want.
  • Check any Options you want, this adds extra browser items to the window.
  • You MUST check Desktop Shortcut so it will create the command we want to use next.
  • Change the ICON if you have another one to use, otherwise the website icon will be retrieved.
  • Click OK and you should see it run, see if it did go to where you wanted it to. Close it.
  • Close Terminal window, Control-D will work or click the eXit tab.

Add it to the Menu:

  • From Home Launcher, on the right side click Desktop, this is where Prism put your webapp launcher.
  • Right click your new desktop webapp icon, and select Properties.
  • Grab all the text in the Command area by clicking in the box, type Control-A, then Control-C.
  • Close the Properties window and exit the Desktop file browser.
  • From the Home Launcher, left side click Preferences, then find and click Main Menu.
  • From the left side, choose which menu you want to insert this website application into.
  • From the right side click New Item.
  • Type in the Name to display on your Main Menu.
  • Put the command code into the Command field by typing Control-V, then click OK.
  • Close the Main Menu program.

Now click on the Menu Category you chose above and your application should be there. You can right click and add to your Favorites.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

My ideas on what Jolicloud is and is not

This is a Sunday post on Jolicloud, the new easysimple Web OS for Netbooks.
So, no data, but just ideas ... in disorder ;-)

Well, now is time to out ! Bye.

Friday, August 7, 2009

My wish list for Jolicloud Beta, the easysimple OS for netbooks

So, Jolicloud in its Alpha2c version is here, working smoothly with just minor problems and for an alpha, I must say, is a success !

But, now, I am sure that Tariq Krim and his team have more, much more to show us.
So here is my wish list, hoping that a few of those requests will be available anytime soon in the new Beta of Jolicloud.

What I want to see in the Jolicloud beta, the easysimple Os for Netbooks.

1) I want to have multiple windows/applis opened at the same time on my netbok screen

It is possible with an XP on my Dell mini 9 netbook. (see capture)
Ok the screen is small, but what if I want to follow a game score and, at the same time, check a Twitter search on Jolicloud ? If XP can do change sizes of windows, I want it also on JoliCloud !

2) I want to be able to install mach more applis without waiting for Jolicloud to prepare them for me? (see first capture over there)
How can I bypass this lock ? Is it safe ?

3) I do not want to have a double icon on the top menu bar (when I open an appli)

4) I want a new MyJolicloud user interface with beatiful settings, drag/drop, widgets, favorites ... (I am used to Netvibes, now ;-) ) and no more an Ubuntu NR ui.

5) I want more information from Jolicloud on confidentiality and private data storage.

6) I want Jolicloud to open my netbook directly on the new MyJolicloud Homepage (or any other appli/page of my choice)

7) I want the Social Side of Jolicloud (yet to come) to be configurable by me with my preferred sites (twitter/likedin/facebook/gmail...) and not another proprietary closed service.

8) I want to be able, in the future, to use Jolicloud on other devices than netbooks

9) I want Jolicloud to be "really" touchscreen compliant (with setting for icon sizes and rest).

10) I want Jolicloud to be a huge success ;-)

Do you have other points to add ? => comments ;-)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tip: How to listen to Spotify on Jolicloud

So, like many others you like Spotify , the hypest sound streaming application coming from Europe ? Well now you can listen to Spotify also on Jolicloud, the easysimple OS for Netbooks. How ?

Easy, to install spotify, install wine first and then install the windows version of spotify and enjoy !

Spotify has created a lightweight software application that users will simply download and then log onto their service enabling on demand streaming of music. (from TechCrunch database).

is a free software application that aims to allow Unix-like computer operating systems to execute programs written for Microsoft Windows. (from Wiki)

You will find Wine, in My Jolicloud Application Dashboard in the Accesories directory.

I did it and it works. Of course the sound is coming out from a netbook but my Dell mini 9 is Ok. If I do not open to many applis at the same time the streaming is also ok.
And as a Windows appli I can modify the size of the Spotify window.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Testing Google Wave on Jolicloud

Thanks to a friend that passed me his invitation, I am testing Google Wave (Developer alpha release) with ... Jolicloud alpha release, the easysimple OS for netbooks.

Google Wave is a new tool for communication and collaboration on the web, coming later this year in Beta.

I have tested Google Wave on XP and now on Jolicloud and, for now, I do not see many differences.

Well, Google Wave is certainly a better email/chat and collaborative tool but I have not already seen all the espected New World coming out of it. You can insert images, videos, searches in the email/chat and see other react in real time. You have an history of previous changes...

I will continue to test it and if you have an account and want to test it with me just send me your username ;-)

If you want to discover the potential of Google Wave you should check this 80 minutes presentation by Google Wave developers' Team.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Test Jolicloud with VirtualBox if you do not have a netbook.

If you don't have a netbook and want anyway to test Jolicloud on your x86 hardware you can also try a Virtual Machine by which your PC will act as another one.

How ? Well, follow the instruction that Harold, a Jolicloud user, has posted in a comment on the
Jolicloud Blog:

"To install Joli Cloud into a Virtual Machine with Virtual Box.

1. Run the command to create a bootable VDI image (without quotes):
“VBoxManage convertfromraw jolicloud-robby-alpha2-live.img jolicloud-robby-alpha2-live.vdi”

2. Run the command to create a new empty VDI image where to install the image with 4GB space:
“VBoxManage createhd -filename jolicloud-robby.vdi -size 4000″
Note: you can use -register option at the end of this command or register this VDI file from the VirtualBox later.

3. Create a new VM using the jolicloud-robby-alpha2-live.vdi (use the existing vdi option)

4. Attach the jolicloud-robby.vdi as a Primary Slave

5. Start the VM (boot)

6. Install

Then Enjoy…"

To do that, you need of course an Invitation from Jolicloud but also to install VirtualBox created by Sun Microsystems, Inc., a general-purpose full virtualizer for x86 hardware.

Presently, VirtualBox runs on Windows, Linux, Macintosh and OpenSolaris hosts and supports a large number of guest operating systems including but not limited to Windows (NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, Windows 7), DOS/Windows 3.x, Linux (2.4 and 2.6), Solaris and OpenSolaris, and OpenBSD and now ... Jolicloud.

You should also check the GetSatisfaction page on the subject.

Another user, James Q. Stansfield, has a more complete list of instruction to use Jolicloud and VirtualBox here. His comment is: "Really tho, VirtualBox, while nice is painfully slow."

Disclosure: I have not tested it , I have a netbook ;-)

UPDATE: here is a twit by _sandro confirmg that:

i'm running it on a Dell XPS m1730. Speed is good (like a virtual ubuntu). Everything important seems to be recognized.


Pour mes lecteurs francophones, vous pouvez suivre les explications que donne @Exkwahando dans son papier: "Cloudcomputons ! Jolicloud sous VirtualBox" .Merci à lui, qui m'a mis la puce à l'oreille ;-)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Jolicloud OS works on a normal Dell laptop

New Jolicloud user, Jorge Luis Vargas Portilla, from Bogotà (Colombia) has installed Jolicloud on a normal laptop even if, at the moment, JOLICLOUD IS NOT OPTIMIZED for LAPTOPS.

I was intrigued and I emailed Jorge Luis and here is what he wrote to me (published with his autorization ;-) and with his own screen captures:

"Well I dont have a netbook, so I had to try Jolicloud on my laptop: a Dell Inspiron 640m.

I have now a triple Boot, Windows XP , Ubuntu 9.04 and Jolicloud.

Some things work better (in Jolicloud) than in Ubuntu, in example the battery last more and some apps run smooth but other things works pretty slowly, like the home screen it lags horribly when you click or point any icon.

And the video streaming doesnt work properly all the time.

To do the install, I selected the Dell Mini 10v option.

Well the screen vision its better than Ubuntu, the max resolution in Ubuntu is like 1280x800, but looks like 1024x800, but here the resolution is completely 1280x800, and you have more space to work.

3 things I didnt like in Jolicloud at the moment:

  1. the home screen looks exactly the same to Ubuntu ReMix,
  2. you can'y launch apps directly from myJolicloud screen, you have to go to the home screen and open them from there, and
  3. when you have an app open like facebook of twitter you can't just open a new window, you have to use that actual window to open links. I'm the kind of guy that keeps like 15 tabs open at the same time and sometimes all are facebook or digg, so that's kinda annoying.
But I really like the concept, even when it need a lot of work. And the best of all you can install any app you can on Ubuntu, you still having a terminal and even when they try to make it transparent to the final user you can configure anything you like with a couple console lines.

So that is the first impressions of a Jolicloud OS on a normal 14.1-inch laptop.

From the captures, that Jorge Luis sent and that I publish here, you can see that there is a lot of space left. Especially in the upper capture, Jolicloud has been setted on just 6 lines of text and that leaves a lot os space under it.

The 3 things that Jorge Luis does not like in Jolicloud (so am I) are the actual features of the OS even for normal netbooks like my Dell mini but I hope they will improve.

I was very much interested to know if and how a laptop worked with the Jolicloud OS even in its alpha stage. Well, it works !

So thanks Jorge Luis for your contribution !

Friday, July 24, 2009

Why Jolicloud is not optimized for a normal laptop or PC

A lot of people, including myelf, have thought of using Jolicloud the new easysimple OS not on a netbook but on an "old" PC or laptop.

Tariq Krim, CEO and founder of Jolicloud, has answerd to this on the Special Getsatisfaction page by saying that: since we have optimized the kernel for netbooks and smaller screen-size, we support only netbook usage of Jolicloud.

So if you want to try anyway to install Jolicloud on a normal laptop you should keep in mind , says Tariq, that :
As any linux you can make it run anywhere on a computer and a virtualization app like virtualbox. In general you would replace our optimized kernel by the generic kernel and figure out the configuration of the graphics drivers.

So some work in perspective but that could be useful in future to be able to sync applis on different PC not just netbooks.

A user reports that his Dell Inspiron 640m Laptop is working fine with Jolicloud.

If you need a Jolicloud Invitation read this

New message from Jolicloud in case you have not already an Invitation:

"If you are not invited yet, please use this link to instead.
And get your invitation here"

Link 1 will give you the 600 MiB Install download and link 2 will let you ask an Invitation code.

Hundreds of new users arriving on Jolicloud

The Alpha B release of Jolicloud, the easysimple OS for Netbooks, is now available to hundreds of new users every day.

If you are one of them, you should read the new How to Install Jolicloud page that has been rewritten and corrected.

Monday, July 20, 2009

1000 new invitations per day from Jolicloud, NOW


Tariq Krim, CEO and founder of Jolicoud has just announced on Twitter that they ARE sending out 1000 new invitations per day to test Jolicloud, the easysimple OS for netbooks:

"We are now launching 1000 invitation per day. Invitation are sent by registration order."

Thursday, July 9, 2009

First VC round for Jolicloud: $4,2 M

So, while I am on holydays, Tariq Krim and Jolicloud has just secured their first round of venture capital found.
The Investors are : Niklas Zennström, founder of Skype and Kazaa and an early tester of Jolicloud ;-) and Gilles Samoun

The Jolicloud Blog has announced that:
Jolicloud (, the Internet operating system for netbooks, announced today the completion of a $4.2M Series A funding round led by Atomico Ventures, in conjunction with Mangrove Capital Partners. The financing will enable the startup to accelerate the development of the product (currently in private alpha), launch its developer program, and expand its global network of partners.

About Atomico Ventures

Atomico Ventures is focused on supporting European early stage consumer facing technology companies. Founded by Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis, co-founders of multiple successful internet companies, including Skype, Joost, Joltid and Kazaa, Atomico invests in passionate entrepreneurs with disruptive business ideas who want to build tomorrow’s global winners. Atomico has over 20 companies in its portfolio, including Seesmic, Fon, Jawbone, Netlog and Woo Me.

About Mangrove Capital Partners

Mangrove Capital Partners is committed to turn entrepreneurial visions into realities as a means to drive capital appreciation for investors. Our hands-on philosophy in all areas of business and technological development is the cornerstone of our investment strategy and positions us as a true partner for growth. Mangrove Capital Partners has invested in, among others, the following companies: Skype, Zink, Seatwave, Nimbuzz, Brands4Friends and WooMe.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Wiki for Jolicloud

You can now check also the new official Wiki of Jolicloud.

Friday, June 26, 2009

new invitations coming for Jolicloud Alpha 2 release !

Jolicloud has just announced the launch of a new release Alpha 2.

So, Jolicloud is available now for a new batch of testers... maybe you !

Read also the Jolicloud Blog with a new post on the subject with some important explanation on why Jolicloud is not working on every netbook and why it is not supported on PC and Laptops.

"If you are using a computer that is not a netbook, or a desktop or a tablet computer, we will not provide support either. As our system is derived from Ubuntu, it should not be impossible to run Jolicloud on another device, but we don’t have the necessary resources to provide assistance."

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Niklas Zennström (KaZaa, Skype) is also testing Jolicloud alpha

Another Web VIP, Niklas Zennström , co-founder of KaZaa and of Skype, has joined the 100 or so first users of Jolicloud alfa release, the Easy Simple netbook OS.

Welcome Niklas !

And you what are you waiting for ? ... I know, an invitation. I have been told that they will come ... slowly ... so be ... patient ;-)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Jolicloud's Business Model ? Freemium

Tariq Krim, JoliCloud CEO and co-founder, has just announced in a conference in Madrid (Spain) and in an Interview with French News Magazine "L' Expension" that :

"the Business Model for JoliCloud will be: Freemium "

As reported by Wikipedia, the Freemium business model was articulated by venture capitalist Fred Wilson (investor in Twitter) on 23 March 2006 on is AVC.COM Blog :

"Give your service away for free, possibly ad supported but maybe not, acquire a lot of customers very efficiently through word of mouth, referral networks, organic search marketing, etc., then offer premium priced value added services or an enhanced version of your service to your customer base."

That means a Free Service for the majority of users and a Premium version for "more damanding customers".

Image by :

Thursday, June 18, 2009

EasyPeasy - JoliCloud - Ubuntu Netbook Remix

When I searched for Jolicloud, I often found that "geeks" pretended it was some sort of Easypeasy or Ubuntu Netbook Remix...

So, when @ramonsuarez , a Spanish Blogger/Marketeer and a Twitter personality of the Belgian Web scene, came by to show me his Asus EeePc loaded with Easypeasy, an Ubuntu version of the Linux OS , I couldn't resist to try it and take a screenshot (Over here)

And down, here is one screen shot of my JOLICLOUD OS, Robbie release (alpha) :

In fact, if they look similar is that they are all based, at some degree, on the UBUNTU NETBOOK REMIX : a package 'remix' of the standard Ubuntu Desktop release to enable it to work better on netbooks or devices with small screens and is optimized for use with the Intel Atom processor. Ubuntu is a computer operating system (OS) based on Debian GNU/Linux.

Here is a screen shot of the Ubuntu Netbook Remix:

On the practical side, the JoliCloud OS, looks at me more safer and easy for a first time user of a netbook and of LINUX/UBUNTU.... . You really do not need to read pages and pages. You do not have multiple choices.

I guess that, at this stage, you have a more controlled access (and so limited) to all applis available on the Linux Market with Jolicloud than with he others, but, I think, that for a first time netbook user, is the best way to approach Linux and get rid of Windows XP ;-)

I feel Jolicloud as a Easy Simple Club OS. Yes, Club ! Why Club ? Well, I will develop in another post.

Know more ? Comments are here for that.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jolicloud improves with new All Applis tab

A new ALL applications tab has been added to the Applis Menu of Jolicloud.

Total applis available at this time : 53 (+5 since last count).

Now by clicking on an icon you get a window dedicated at the selected Appli: with description and probably, in the future, number of downloads and, why not, ratings.

Suggestion: I would like to have a sign that shows if that appli is also ready to work Off-line (if it is case)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Video review of JoliCLoud by

Brad Linder from has published an interesting review about Jolicloud.

Here is the video:

Friday, June 12, 2009

The youngest JoliCLoud user, so far

Lorenzo, 10 y, youngest Joliclouder, so far ;-)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Q&A Chat about JoliCloud and its future

I was contacted by @emsenn on Twitter who wanted to ask me (as one of the few Jolicloud alpha tester) a few questions about ... Jolicloud.

I think that this Q & A Chat could be interesting also for others, so here it is my "edited version" (in italics my additions)

emsenn: How long have you had a netbook?
A (me ;-) ) : 3 monthes

emsenn: What model?
A: Dell mini 9 , XP

emsenn: What do you primarily use it for?
A: the netbook (is the 3rd pc of the home) and it is based in the kitchen/living area, so I used it for calendar, emails, netvibes, google search .... And when Jolicloud will be officially released I will let Wife and Kids to use it ;-)

emsenn: Do you think you'll use Jolicloud as the primary OS on that system now, then?
A: well, JoliClouds needs some small improvements, but I am already using it daily, at the moment, even if I keep a dual-boot with XP.

emsenn: What is Jolicloud's strongest point, at this time, in your opinion?
A: Jolicloud is user oriented ! You can orient the development with suggestions and ideas to the team. As a user you are not just considered an "end consumer" ;-) . There is a frame, but there is possibilities to adapt it.

emsenn: Sounds like you're a fan of Linux in general, then?
A: Never used Linux ... I am not a geek !
I like the small team approach of Tariq Krim.

emsenn: Yeah, it tends to work better - much more focused than masses of developers.
What I meant by the Linux comment is that the program developers are also usually it's users - and the whole development process is very open to suggestions, bug reports, and ideas.
A: Well, Jolicloud, in the intentions, is not for Expert/Developers users... It is for a "general public" => Easy Simple OS on an EasySimple machine.

emsenn: What do you think Jolicloud needs to focus on improving ?
A: 1) User Experience (UX) , 2) offer more applis and 3) offer also some essential off-line applis.

emsenn: What needs to be improved with the UX? So far I've heard that it has trouble with making you switch between the Netbook Remix interface, and the "my Jolicloud" one.
A: Not for me. First improvement I would like to see (but it is still 7 days from first release !!) : is to be able to show applis not only in full screen. I need sometimes to have 2 applis side by side, even in a netbook. Not a big deal, but UX.

emsenn: That's one thing that's annoyed me about Ubuntu Netbook Remix problems. Until they're removed, which JoliCloud is working on, from what I understand. Like making it boot straight into the Jolicloud application
A: That's why, we have to wait for ... beta ;-)

emsenn: Hah, maybe you. I'm still waiting to get on Alpha!
Still no invite for me :(
A: We are only 100 or less at the moment ... so do not worry. New Alpha invitations will arrive, I have been told ... ;-)

So, let me thank emsenn for his genuine interest and I wish him to receive an alpha invitation soon ;-)

For more data about @emsenn check his blog , here his own short bio: 19 year old American student with experience in many operating systems and several programming languages, who focuses on net neutrality and privacy, in a simple and clear manner.

My List of JoliCloud's links

I have just added , here on the right, my list of Official Jolicoud's links:
  1. JoliCloud Official Website
  2. @jolicloud on Twitter
  3. Jolicloud Official Blog
  4. Official Image Gallery
  5. How to Install JoliCloud
  6. @jolisupport on Twitter
  7. GetSatisfaction : JoliCloud
  8. Facebook Official Page
  9. Facebook Official Group
If you know others, do not hesitate to let me know.

Another Blog about Jolicloud :

Just discovered , another Blog with "JoliCloud Experience Blog", dedicated to Jolicloud, the Super Easy OS for Netbooks. is a portal to all new updates and new events around and about the Jolidcloud Operation System.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Video of Touchscreen Acer Netbook running JoliCloud OS from

A Very interesting 3'30" video from showing an Acer Aspire One netbook used with a touchscreen.

Un Grazie a Mario Angione e Laura Ben ;-)

WorldWide Interest for JoliCloud (and for this Blog) ;-)

As you can see on the map, interest for this Blog and JoliCloud is worldwide.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Directory of the 48 Applications available now on JoliCloud OS

On Jolicloud, you have, today, the choice of already 48 different Applications (applis) to chose from the Application Directory by just visiting the "My JoliCloud" cloud on the right of the upper menu.

Those are Web based applications that have been selected by the JoliCloud team after being tested. That means that you do not have to download and install a program/software on your netbook. But that means also that if by any chance (?) you are not able to connect to the web, you will not able to use them ! Off-line web applications are slowly coming to surface and JoliCloud will propose them as soon as they can (we hope).

You can search for the Application you want alos by typing the name in the yellow search box on the right.

That list is increasing day after day, also from requests from first users.

So, here is my little My JoliCloud's Applis Wishing list:
  1. Google maps
  2. A "Twitter Client" => of the kind of
  3. An Image Editor => like
What I also would like to see, here on JoliCloud, is a small description of the Application to be installed and also, why not, a link to a more descriptive page.

Heredown full description of the available JoliCloud Applications

The first tab is the FEATURED Applis list that presents the 12 Most Popular or the last Added applis .

Today as most popular you have :
  1. Twitter
  2. Gmail
  3. VLC
  4. Skype
  5. DropBox
  6. The Sound Cloud
  7. Netvibes
  8. Boxee
  9. Google Reader
  10. Facebook Chat
  11. Wine
  12. Facebook
By just clicking on the Install button and the appli will be installed for you in the appropriate tab of your Jolicloud Home tabs (Blue Home icon on the left of Upper menu) (Yes, some confusion is happening with Jolicloud names : Home and My) (capture here)

Second tab is the ACCESSORIES :
  1. DropBow
  2. Wine (Windows emulator)

3rd tab is DEVELOPMENT with :
  1. Google Chrome (dev)
  2. Geany

4th tab EDUCATION :
  1. Wikipedia
  2. Academic Earth
  3. Molecules Viewer
  4. Celestia
  5. Notely
  6. Factolex

5th Tab: GAMES:
  1. Globulos
  2. eRepublic
6th Tab : GRAPHICS :
  1. Flickr
  2. Fotonauts
  3. Picasa
  4. Cheese
7th Tab INTERNET :
  1. Twitter
  2. Gmail
  3. Skype
  4. Netvibes
  5. Google Reader
  6. Google Talk
  7. Facebook Talk
  8. Mixin
  9. Meebo
  10. MySpace
  11. Thunbderbird
  12. Facebook
  13. PigIn

8th Tab OFFICE:
  1. Google Docs
  2. OpenOffice Writer
  3. Google Calendar
  4. Zoho Sheet
  5. OpenOffice Calc
  6. Zoho Writer
  7. MobileMe
  8. Zoho Show
  9. Evolution Mail and Calendar
9th tab Sound & VIDEO:
  1. VLC
  2. YouTube
  3. The Sound Cloud
  4. Boxee
  5. Songbird
  6. Hulu
  7. Vimeo
  8. Wixi
  9. Fairtilizer
  10. Heavy

I will update this Directory regularly, so stay tuned.

Have suggestions ?