Friday, December 4, 2009

Jolicloud Not Final Pre-Beta Release Hands On is out !

Update: NETBOOKED a very well informad blog about ... netbooks, created by Peter Cartwright, has just released the First Hand Out review of the to come Jolicloud pre-Beta BUT NOT FINAL release

UPDATE: the version used by Peter is a test version, improving on alpha 2C that we have all, but it is not the new FINAL VERSION of the coming beta!

source: a Tweet from @jolicloud:
@JacopoGio Be aware the Pre-Beta Netbooked got is NOT the final version ;)
jolicloud 5th Dec, 0:23

Many of the points I was asking for an improvement seem to have been corrected (as always with a Tariq Krim project):
- resizing,
- double icon in the task bar ...

Well, we all need to just way another few days to be able to test it on our own ;-)

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  1. I was hoping double click would close the window as I find it annoying trying to click the tiny close button - but something is better than nothing!