Saturday, September 19, 2009

New "Clouds" screen-saver for Jolicloud

With the latest updates of Jolicloud, the easysimple OS for netbooks, here is the new "Clouds" screen-saver for your netbook.

I love it !

Monday, September 14, 2009

I have one request concerning new FF on Jolicloud

I just launched the new FireFox 3.5 made specially for Jolicloud, the netbbok OS.

All is fine except, a new Tab navigation toolbar line in the FF menu bar, that takes all the second line of the menu.

I would prefer to hide that line(as it was with the previous 3.0 version, but I did not found the right check box in the View>Toolbars menu of FF.

Can someone check this ? Thanks in advance ;-)

So, FireFox 3.5 is arrived on Jolicloud OS !

Yes, the Jolicloud team has managed in just a few weeks to adapt FireFox 3.5 (html5 and canvas) to the Linux based Jolicloud OS for netbooks. Kudos !

Sunday, September 13, 2009

New MiniWidget for Jolicloud (Weather, Localization) is amazing

The new updates of Joliclouds are improuving even more the easysimple netbook OS, still in its alpha version.

Today, I jujst discovered a new option by clicking on the time zone on the right in the upper menu.

In fact, 2 new options are present: Localization (enter your city) and Weather (where you can choose your preferred units for temperature and wind speed).

Once done, you have now a mini widget appearing in the top menu bar on the right.

The mini-widget will show the latest weather conditions with an icon reprensenting the weather conditions (sunny, cloudly, rain) , the day/night time, the temp and date (day/month, hours and seconds)
If you pass over with your arrow you will have also the wind speed and the local sunrise and sundet hours.

Now, if you want to check more than one city, you have just to add them to the list (like I did for San Francisco and Hô Chi Minh Ville) so you will be able to check in one click on the mini widget, their local time and weather conditions! And a Montly calendar is there too with a World map with your cities.

Very useful, is also that all cities you have entered have an indication (+/-) containing the number of hours difference. So, finally, I know that SF is -9 hours compared to Brussels(Paris) and that Vietnam is +5. => easysimple !

Here, also just with "mouse-over", I can check weather conditions in all the cities I have selected: useful for frequent travellers!

That is really an amazing improvement that gives just an idea, I think, of the real potential of Jolicloud, as a dedicated Os for netbooks with special concepts adapted to the netbooks.

I am waiting the new beta release that I am sure will bring many more surprises.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Finally I can resize my windows in Jolicloud OS

A month ago I wrote my wish list concerning Jolicloud and the first point was:

1) I want to have multiple windows/applis opened at the same time on my netbok screen

For that the "resize window" was to be functioning on my Dell mini 9.
And today, with the new updates I have it ! Thanks Jolicloud Team, you rocks !

You can see from my captures that "Resize Window" works for the FireFox web-browser but also for the other applis. Down here you can see Openoffice Writer and FF.

The resizing, is not as immediate as in Windows XP, because Jolicloud, the easysimple OS for netbooks, is by default pushing the windows at the maximum size to help with the smaller screens.

So, in order to resize a window, you have
  1. to click in the Top menu bar (the one with the Blue House)
  2. choose Restore (that way ... the windows gets resizeable with the little white arrow (you can see in my captures)
Among the options, in the Top menu bar, there is also a Resize option, but that one does not work for me :-/ (I have a French version, so it could be a translation problem)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Now Spotify is an official appli of Jolicloud

A few weeks ago we explained how to use Spotify on Jolicloud with Wine.

But just now, the Jolicloud has announced that the Spotify appli is available for direct install in the Applis directory!

Well Done !

And also some invitations for Spotify are available on Jolicloud web site.

On this occasion, our friends at Spotify have given us free invites for our Jolicloud users in France, Spain and the UK. If you live in one of those countries, you can click on the following link to sign up and create your Spotify account now:

If you live in another country where Spotify is open (Sweden, Finland or Norway) and still wish to create an account, email us at We’ll see what we can do!

PS: Note: for those of you who have manually installed Spotify before, you can uninstall your previous version by going to Home Jolicloud (blue house) . And by clicking on “Uninstall Wine Software” in “Wine” and selecting “Spotify” to start the uninstall process.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Jolicloud to support also Poulsbo GMA500 netbooks

Jolicloud has just announced on their Twitter that :

"Nice the next jolicloud version support poulsbo (gma 500) Check this picture taken on the new umid "

At the moment, just Atom netbook were supported => here the updated list

Owners of
notably the Sony Vaio P and Dell Inspiron Mini 12, among others, will be pleased by this news ;-)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Yes, you can have a dual-boot with Jolicloud !

I was checking this blog stats and among others there are a few searches coming for Dual-Boot.

So, yes, you can use you netbook with a Multi-Boot and more frequently a Dual-boot.

On my own Dell mini 9 inspiron I have keept the original OS (Windows XP) and I have added, in parallel, Jolicloud, the easysimple OS made for netbooks and based on Linux.

If works fine, in fact it is as if I had 2 different netbooks as the 2 partitions (divisions of the hard disk) that I made, 1 for XP and 1 for Jolicloud, do not communicate to each other. So, yes, I had to reenter passwords and to download applis that I had already... nut that because i wanted to keep the dual-boot. ;-)

Why I wanted to keep XP ? Well:
  1. to compare wih Jolicloud (and for the moment I am very pleased) and
  2. to use applis or devices (as un 3G USB key) that have not already good Linux drivers
  3. to have an option in case of a failure of ... Jolicloud that is still just in its alpha stage (but that has never happened so far)
For what the dual-boot is concerned, the Jolicloud settings will force Jolicloud as the "default OS to lauch at start" . That means that if I just click ON on my netbook, Jlicloud will launch itself on the machine... unless in the 10 first seconds I move the arrow on the XP sign to launch instead XP.

Some, more expert users are also using a Triple-Boot with ... other Linux Distributions.

(IMAGE taken from: thanks in advance ;-) )