Monday, October 25, 2010

New pic of the new Jolicloud netbook: a 11" or a 13" screen? via @engadget

A new pic of the Jolicloud Netbook has just shown up via Engadgtet.

Screen looks bigger than my 9" Dell mini9 ;-) would dare a 11" or why not 13" ?

Confirmed: Jolicloud to launch own netbook !

So, intuition was right and YES Jolicloud will launch a Jolicloud netbook !

Confirmation, comes from Tariq KRIM who confirmed to Robin Wauters from TechCrunch and to LILIPUTING that a Jolicloud netbook is on the way.

More details to come.

scoop: is Jolicloud preparing a Jolicloud Netbook ? check this pics!


while we wait for the 1.1 version of Jolicloud, Tariq Krim, founder and CEO of Jolicloud has just posted some pictures on Twitter/Facebook and they look nice the new design for the new HTML5 version...

But looking more in detail, I think we got something...

Looking better, it is like it is not just a sticker with the new design on it but I can see a real JOLICLOUD netbook ?

Is that possible that Jolicloud has prepeared in secret a "Jolicloud Netbook" ?
A Jolicloud netbook that would be Joliclouded from the factory ?

Sooo Coool!!

WOW that would something special!

Am I dreaming ? Any news anybody there ? Let me know !!