Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Wiki for Jolicloud

You can now check also the new official Wiki of Jolicloud.

Friday, June 26, 2009

new invitations coming for Jolicloud Alpha 2 release !

Jolicloud has just announced the launch of a new release Alpha 2.

So, Jolicloud is available now for a new batch of testers... maybe you !

Read also the Jolicloud Blog with a new post on the subject with some important explanation on why Jolicloud is not working on every netbook and why it is not supported on PC and Laptops.

"If you are using a computer that is not a netbook, or a desktop or a tablet computer, we will not provide support either. As our system is derived from Ubuntu, it should not be impossible to run Jolicloud on another device, but we don’t have the necessary resources to provide assistance."

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Niklas Zennström (KaZaa, Skype) is also testing Jolicloud alpha

Another Web VIP, Niklas Zennström , co-founder of KaZaa and of Skype, has joined the 100 or so first users of Jolicloud alfa release, the Easy Simple netbook OS.

Welcome Niklas !

And you what are you waiting for ? ... I know, an invitation. I have been told that they will come ... slowly ... so be ... patient ;-)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Jolicloud's Business Model ? Freemium

Tariq Krim, JoliCloud CEO and co-founder, has just announced in a conference in Madrid (Spain) and in an Interview with French News Magazine "L' Expension" that :

"the Business Model for JoliCloud will be: Freemium "

As reported by Wikipedia, the Freemium business model was articulated by venture capitalist Fred Wilson (investor in Twitter) on 23 March 2006 on is AVC.COM Blog :

"Give your service away for free, possibly ad supported but maybe not, acquire a lot of customers very efficiently through word of mouth, referral networks, organic search marketing, etc., then offer premium priced value added services or an enhanced version of your service to your customer base."

That means a Free Service for the majority of users and a Premium version for "more damanding customers".

Image by :

Thursday, June 18, 2009

EasyPeasy - JoliCloud - Ubuntu Netbook Remix

When I searched for Jolicloud, I often found that "geeks" pretended it was some sort of Easypeasy or Ubuntu Netbook Remix...

So, when @ramonsuarez , a Spanish Blogger/Marketeer and a Twitter personality of the Belgian Web scene, came by to show me his Asus EeePc loaded with Easypeasy, an Ubuntu version of the Linux OS , I couldn't resist to try it and take a screenshot (Over here)

And down, here is one screen shot of my JOLICLOUD OS, Robbie release (alpha) :

In fact, if they look similar is that they are all based, at some degree, on the UBUNTU NETBOOK REMIX : a package 'remix' of the standard Ubuntu Desktop release to enable it to work better on netbooks or devices with small screens and is optimized for use with the Intel Atom processor. Ubuntu is a computer operating system (OS) based on Debian GNU/Linux.

Here is a screen shot of the Ubuntu Netbook Remix:

On the practical side, the JoliCloud OS, looks at me more safer and easy for a first time user of a netbook and of LINUX/UBUNTU.... . You really do not need to read pages and pages. You do not have multiple choices.

I guess that, at this stage, you have a more controlled access (and so limited) to all applis available on the Linux Market with Jolicloud than with he others, but, I think, that for a first time netbook user, is the best way to approach Linux and get rid of Windows XP ;-)

I feel Jolicloud as a Easy Simple Club OS. Yes, Club ! Why Club ? Well, I will develop in another post.

Know more ? Comments are here for that.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jolicloud improves with new All Applis tab

A new ALL applications tab has been added to the Applis Menu of Jolicloud.

Total applis available at this time : 53 (+5 since last count).

Now by clicking on an icon you get a window dedicated at the selected Appli: with description and probably, in the future, number of downloads and, why not, ratings.

Suggestion: I would like to have a sign that shows if that appli is also ready to work Off-line (if it is case)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Video review of JoliCLoud by

Brad Linder from has published an interesting review about Jolicloud.

Here is the video:

Friday, June 12, 2009

The youngest JoliCLoud user, so far

Lorenzo, 10 y, youngest Joliclouder, so far ;-)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Q&A Chat about JoliCloud and its future

I was contacted by @emsenn on Twitter who wanted to ask me (as one of the few Jolicloud alpha tester) a few questions about ... Jolicloud.

I think that this Q & A Chat could be interesting also for others, so here it is my "edited version" (in italics my additions)

emsenn: How long have you had a netbook?
A (me ;-) ) : 3 monthes

emsenn: What model?
A: Dell mini 9 , XP

emsenn: What do you primarily use it for?
A: the netbook (is the 3rd pc of the home) and it is based in the kitchen/living area, so I used it for calendar, emails, netvibes, google search .... And when Jolicloud will be officially released I will let Wife and Kids to use it ;-)

emsenn: Do you think you'll use Jolicloud as the primary OS on that system now, then?
A: well, JoliClouds needs some small improvements, but I am already using it daily, at the moment, even if I keep a dual-boot with XP.

emsenn: What is Jolicloud's strongest point, at this time, in your opinion?
A: Jolicloud is user oriented ! You can orient the development with suggestions and ideas to the team. As a user you are not just considered an "end consumer" ;-) . There is a frame, but there is possibilities to adapt it.

emsenn: Sounds like you're a fan of Linux in general, then?
A: Never used Linux ... I am not a geek !
I like the small team approach of Tariq Krim.

emsenn: Yeah, it tends to work better - much more focused than masses of developers.
What I meant by the Linux comment is that the program developers are also usually it's users - and the whole development process is very open to suggestions, bug reports, and ideas.
A: Well, Jolicloud, in the intentions, is not for Expert/Developers users... It is for a "general public" => Easy Simple OS on an EasySimple machine.

emsenn: What do you think Jolicloud needs to focus on improving ?
A: 1) User Experience (UX) , 2) offer more applis and 3) offer also some essential off-line applis.

emsenn: What needs to be improved with the UX? So far I've heard that it has trouble with making you switch between the Netbook Remix interface, and the "my Jolicloud" one.
A: Not for me. First improvement I would like to see (but it is still 7 days from first release !!) : is to be able to show applis not only in full screen. I need sometimes to have 2 applis side by side, even in a netbook. Not a big deal, but UX.

emsenn: That's one thing that's annoyed me about Ubuntu Netbook Remix problems. Until they're removed, which JoliCloud is working on, from what I understand. Like making it boot straight into the Jolicloud application
A: That's why, we have to wait for ... beta ;-)

emsenn: Hah, maybe you. I'm still waiting to get on Alpha!
Still no invite for me :(
A: We are only 100 or less at the moment ... so do not worry. New Alpha invitations will arrive, I have been told ... ;-)

So, let me thank emsenn for his genuine interest and I wish him to receive an alpha invitation soon ;-)

For more data about @emsenn check his blog , here his own short bio: 19 year old American student with experience in many operating systems and several programming languages, who focuses on net neutrality and privacy, in a simple and clear manner.

My List of JoliCloud's links

I have just added , here on the right, my list of Official Jolicoud's links:
  1. JoliCloud Official Website
  2. @jolicloud on Twitter
  3. Jolicloud Official Blog
  4. Official Image Gallery
  5. How to Install JoliCloud
  6. @jolisupport on Twitter
  7. GetSatisfaction : JoliCloud
  8. Facebook Official Page
  9. Facebook Official Group
If you know others, do not hesitate to let me know.

Another Blog about Jolicloud :

Just discovered , another Blog with "JoliCloud Experience Blog", dedicated to Jolicloud, the Super Easy OS for Netbooks. is a portal to all new updates and new events around and about the Jolidcloud Operation System.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Video of Touchscreen Acer Netbook running JoliCloud OS from

A Very interesting 3'30" video from showing an Acer Aspire One netbook used with a touchscreen.

Un Grazie a Mario Angione e Laura Ben ;-)

WorldWide Interest for JoliCloud (and for this Blog) ;-)

As you can see on the map, interest for this Blog and JoliCloud is worldwide.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Directory of the 48 Applications available now on JoliCloud OS

On Jolicloud, you have, today, the choice of already 48 different Applications (applis) to chose from the Application Directory by just visiting the "My JoliCloud" cloud on the right of the upper menu.

Those are Web based applications that have been selected by the JoliCloud team after being tested. That means that you do not have to download and install a program/software on your netbook. But that means also that if by any chance (?) you are not able to connect to the web, you will not able to use them ! Off-line web applications are slowly coming to surface and JoliCloud will propose them as soon as they can (we hope).

You can search for the Application you want alos by typing the name in the yellow search box on the right.

That list is increasing day after day, also from requests from first users.

So, here is my little My JoliCloud's Applis Wishing list:
  1. Google maps
  2. A "Twitter Client" => of the kind of
  3. An Image Editor => like
What I also would like to see, here on JoliCloud, is a small description of the Application to be installed and also, why not, a link to a more descriptive page.

Heredown full description of the available JoliCloud Applications

The first tab is the FEATURED Applis list that presents the 12 Most Popular or the last Added applis .

Today as most popular you have :
  1. Twitter
  2. Gmail
  3. VLC
  4. Skype
  5. DropBox
  6. The Sound Cloud
  7. Netvibes
  8. Boxee
  9. Google Reader
  10. Facebook Chat
  11. Wine
  12. Facebook
By just clicking on the Install button and the appli will be installed for you in the appropriate tab of your Jolicloud Home tabs (Blue Home icon on the left of Upper menu) (Yes, some confusion is happening with Jolicloud names : Home and My) (capture here)

Second tab is the ACCESSORIES :
  1. DropBow
  2. Wine (Windows emulator)

3rd tab is DEVELOPMENT with :
  1. Google Chrome (dev)
  2. Geany

4th tab EDUCATION :
  1. Wikipedia
  2. Academic Earth
  3. Molecules Viewer
  4. Celestia
  5. Notely
  6. Factolex

5th Tab: GAMES:
  1. Globulos
  2. eRepublic
6th Tab : GRAPHICS :
  1. Flickr
  2. Fotonauts
  3. Picasa
  4. Cheese
7th Tab INTERNET :
  1. Twitter
  2. Gmail
  3. Skype
  4. Netvibes
  5. Google Reader
  6. Google Talk
  7. Facebook Talk
  8. Mixin
  9. Meebo
  10. MySpace
  11. Thunbderbird
  12. Facebook
  13. PigIn

8th Tab OFFICE:
  1. Google Docs
  2. OpenOffice Writer
  3. Google Calendar
  4. Zoho Sheet
  5. OpenOffice Calc
  6. Zoho Writer
  7. MobileMe
  8. Zoho Show
  9. Evolution Mail and Calendar
9th tab Sound & VIDEO:
  1. VLC
  2. YouTube
  3. The Sound Cloud
  4. Boxee
  5. Songbird
  6. Hulu
  7. Vimeo
  8. Wixi
  9. Fairtilizer
  10. Heavy

I will update this Directory regularly, so stay tuned.

Have suggestions ?

A JoliCloud user is a JoliClouder .

Just a definition ;-)

Good Video about Jolicloud alpha by Sacha Pallemberg

This 13'56" Video (in English) by Sascha Pallenberg, based in Taipei, does a full walk through of the Robby Alpha Release of Jolicloud, the new cloud O/S for Netbooks .

An interesting demo and introduction.

Watch while you wait for an invite ;-)

Social Aspects of Jolicloud, the new netbook OS

A Twitter's reader @thesethings of this "young" blog has asked me about the Social Aspect of Jolicloud and I take the occasion to answer her here.

Tariq Krim, the founder and CEO of Jolicloud has launched in 2005 another successful web service: Netvibes. Netvibes, is a free homepage and has also a well developped internal Social Channel. So it is fair to think that Tariq will bring some Social features to Jolicloud.

At the moment, the JoliCloud Social thing is quite limited but Jolicloud is just in the first Alpha release and, at this stage, it is important for them to check all the basics and foundation of the service.

So, to be more specific on the Social Side with Jolicloud you now can :

1) suscribe to other Jolicloud users :
at this moment that gives you an update every time a suscribed friend has adopted a new services/applications from the Jolicloud offer. (it can be usefull if you are the kind of person that do not know what is new/cool and that you trust a few of your friends/connections.
By suscribing you can also see your friends' new friends/connections on Jolicloud in the Notification Tab (see first capture).

When you get on the My JoliCloud for the first time you have just one subscription: Jolicloud group ( so no one will be left alone ;-) ).

To suscribe to other Jolicloud users, you have to know that they are on Jolicloud and what their username is. The yellow Search box helps you as you can search with just 2-3 letters, ex "pa" will give you all the Patrick... and so on.

2) Of course, other users can suscribe to you, but you can always hide what you do no want to show.

3) You can unsuscribe any user at any time.

And that at the moment is all if you consider the Exclusive JoliCloud network. Yes, it is quite static and limited and limited to "passive awarness". But, of course, you can use all the other Social Services you want (Twitter, FaceBook also whith Chat, Gmail, ...)

What I can imagine to see on the Social side for JoliCloud in a near future is the following:
  1. An internal Twitter like messaging tool, (perhaps it could even be an ad hoc Twitter tool with the use of a special ashtag like #jc) by which you could publish somewhere in Jolicloud to your suscribed friends.
  2. In the future, with GeoLocalisation, it could be interesting to know if a JoliClouder (my neologism for JoliCloud User) is near by you.
  3. ...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

First TechCrunch review of Jolicloud Alpha

Robin Wauters, Belgian Editor of TechCrunch has published a very good review of the alpha release of Jolicloud.

I will publish mine as soon as I can.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Updated list of Netbooks supported by Jolicoud

Here is the Updated list of the NetBooks that have been tested with Jolicloud (from the Compatibility page of the Jolicloud website)


Aspire One, Aspire 150


Eee PC 700, 701SD, 900, 901, 904HD, 1000, 1000H, 1000HD, S101 / Eee Box B202 / Eee Top 1602


Mini 700EF


Mini 9, Mini 10v


Mini 1000


Classmate and derivated




Wind 100, Wind 120


NC-10, N-310

I have myself a DELL mini 9 and it is working very well with Jolicloud ;-)

Tariq Krim, founder and CEO of Jolicloud, has just announced that Netbooks with an Intel Graphic GMA500 cards can now expect to be Jolclouded !

If your Netbook, is not in the list, try to send an email to Jolicloud or twit to @jolisupport and ask.

If you want to try Jolicloud, get a decent USB key

My first Jolicloud Tip: if you want to try Jolicloud alpha release get a decent USB key.

Jolicloud, the EasySimple netbook OS, is available by download. That means that when you receive your invitation code, you will receive an email with a link. Follow the link and start the download.

All the Jolicloud installation package weights, at the moment, just 660 mega so you will be fine with a 1 Giga USB key.

But as @jolisupport (the Twitter support of Jolicloud) has just written : "Take a good quality keys for 90% of install issues were due to a usb key with defect ! forget promo usb keys and get a real one !"

So, get a decent USB key and do not go for a cheap or a promo key !

Friday, June 5, 2009

JoliCloud, the EasySimple OS for netbooks is out !

So, after a few monthes of, I presume, hard work, Tariq Krim and his gang have opened the alpha release of their new Jolicloud Operating Sistem (OS) dedicated to the netbooks.

So, if your netbook is tired of his "old 2001" Windows XP or if you are afraid to install alone an Ubuntu (a version of Linux OS) you will be pleased to use: JoliCloud.

Why JoliCloud ? Joli , means nice in French, and cloud is not a meteorological term but means the new trend in the Web/computer industry by which all you need in your computer can/will be found on the Web.
If you have a decent internet connection, you can already now write a letter or an email, chat, buy, watch a video or listen to a song, ... without the necessity of an installed program/software on your PC.

But, stop !! Do not rush for it ! Jolicloud, is just open to developers and testers and ... yes, myself, an average user.

Like always, in this situation, there are a few bugs, a few situations to sort out before all can enjoy this new service. So, be patient: we are doind the hard work ... ;-)

But, I am really surprised: this Jolicloud Alpha version (code name Robby) looks like a Beta to me (remember that five years after its release, Gmail was still a beta application).

So great work was done.

As, also the Jolicloud servers have to be upgraded to welcome the 14.000 and more aspiring first users, I will take this time to present my own view of JoliCloud.

Ah, I was forgetting to tell you that:

Jolicloud :
  • is free of charge , with no ads or similar,
  • needs one of the selected netboks,
  • needs Internet connection (Wifi, 3G, Adsl...)
  • weights just 660 Megabytes and you can install it on a USB key
  • lets keep your actual OS AND have also Jolicloud installed (dual-boot)
  • does not need an Anti-Virus
Well, that's all for today, I am going back to play with it ;-)

Do you have questions ? ideas ? suggestions ? Comments are here for that !

Enjoy ! ;-)