Friday, June 5, 2009

JoliCloud, the EasySimple OS for netbooks is out !

So, after a few monthes of, I presume, hard work, Tariq Krim and his gang have opened the alpha release of their new Jolicloud Operating Sistem (OS) dedicated to the netbooks.

So, if your netbook is tired of his "old 2001" Windows XP or if you are afraid to install alone an Ubuntu (a version of Linux OS) you will be pleased to use: JoliCloud.

Why JoliCloud ? Joli , means nice in French, and cloud is not a meteorological term but means the new trend in the Web/computer industry by which all you need in your computer can/will be found on the Web.
If you have a decent internet connection, you can already now write a letter or an email, chat, buy, watch a video or listen to a song, ... without the necessity of an installed program/software on your PC.

But, stop !! Do not rush for it ! Jolicloud, is just open to developers and testers and ... yes, myself, an average user.

Like always, in this situation, there are a few bugs, a few situations to sort out before all can enjoy this new service. So, be patient: we are doind the hard work ... ;-)

But, I am really surprised: this Jolicloud Alpha version (code name Robby) looks like a Beta to me (remember that five years after its release, Gmail was still a beta application).

So great work was done.

As, also the Jolicloud servers have to be upgraded to welcome the 14.000 and more aspiring first users, I will take this time to present my own view of JoliCloud.

Ah, I was forgetting to tell you that:

Jolicloud :
  • is free of charge , with no ads or similar,
  • needs one of the selected netboks,
  • needs Internet connection (Wifi, 3G, Adsl...)
  • weights just 660 Megabytes and you can install it on a USB key
  • lets keep your actual OS AND have also Jolicloud installed (dual-boot)
  • does not need an Anti-Virus
Well, that's all for today, I am going back to play with it ;-)

Do you have questions ? ideas ? suggestions ? Comments are here for that !

Enjoy ! ;-)

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