Monday, June 8, 2009

Social Aspects of Jolicloud, the new netbook OS

A Twitter's reader @thesethings of this "young" blog has asked me about the Social Aspect of Jolicloud and I take the occasion to answer her here.

Tariq Krim, the founder and CEO of Jolicloud has launched in 2005 another successful web service: Netvibes. Netvibes, is a free homepage and has also a well developped internal Social Channel. So it is fair to think that Tariq will bring some Social features to Jolicloud.

At the moment, the JoliCloud Social thing is quite limited but Jolicloud is just in the first Alpha release and, at this stage, it is important for them to check all the basics and foundation of the service.

So, to be more specific on the Social Side with Jolicloud you now can :

1) suscribe to other Jolicloud users :
at this moment that gives you an update every time a suscribed friend has adopted a new services/applications from the Jolicloud offer. (it can be usefull if you are the kind of person that do not know what is new/cool and that you trust a few of your friends/connections.
By suscribing you can also see your friends' new friends/connections on Jolicloud in the Notification Tab (see first capture).

When you get on the My JoliCloud for the first time you have just one subscription: Jolicloud group ( so no one will be left alone ;-) ).

To suscribe to other Jolicloud users, you have to know that they are on Jolicloud and what their username is. The yellow Search box helps you as you can search with just 2-3 letters, ex "pa" will give you all the Patrick... and so on.

2) Of course, other users can suscribe to you, but you can always hide what you do no want to show.

3) You can unsuscribe any user at any time.

And that at the moment is all if you consider the Exclusive JoliCloud network. Yes, it is quite static and limited and limited to "passive awarness". But, of course, you can use all the other Social Services you want (Twitter, FaceBook also whith Chat, Gmail, ...)

What I can imagine to see on the Social side for JoliCloud in a near future is the following:
  1. An internal Twitter like messaging tool, (perhaps it could even be an ad hoc Twitter tool with the use of a special ashtag like #jc) by which you could publish somewhere in Jolicloud to your suscribed friends.
  2. In the future, with GeoLocalisation, it could be interesting to know if a JoliClouder (my neologism for JoliCloud User) is near by you.
  3. ...

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