Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Q&A Chat about JoliCloud and its future

I was contacted by @emsenn on Twitter who wanted to ask me (as one of the few Jolicloud alpha tester) a few questions about ... Jolicloud.

I think that this Q & A Chat could be interesting also for others, so here it is my "edited version" (in italics my additions)

emsenn: How long have you had a netbook?
A (me ;-) ) : 3 monthes

emsenn: What model?
A: Dell mini 9 , XP

emsenn: What do you primarily use it for?
A: the netbook (is the 3rd pc of the home) and it is based in the kitchen/living area, so I used it for calendar, emails, netvibes, google search .... And when Jolicloud will be officially released I will let Wife and Kids to use it ;-)

emsenn: Do you think you'll use Jolicloud as the primary OS on that system now, then?
A: well, JoliClouds needs some small improvements, but I am already using it daily, at the moment, even if I keep a dual-boot with XP.

emsenn: What is Jolicloud's strongest point, at this time, in your opinion?
A: Jolicloud is user oriented ! You can orient the development with suggestions and ideas to the team. As a user you are not just considered an "end consumer" ;-) . There is a frame, but there is possibilities to adapt it.

emsenn: Sounds like you're a fan of Linux in general, then?
A: Never used Linux ... I am not a geek !
I like the small team approach of Tariq Krim.

emsenn: Yeah, it tends to work better - much more focused than masses of developers.
What I meant by the Linux comment is that the program developers are also usually it's users - and the whole development process is very open to suggestions, bug reports, and ideas.
A: Well, Jolicloud, in the intentions, is not for Expert/Developers users... It is for a "general public" => Easy Simple OS on an EasySimple machine.

emsenn: What do you think Jolicloud needs to focus on improving ?
A: 1) User Experience (UX) , 2) offer more applis and 3) offer also some essential off-line applis.

emsenn: What needs to be improved with the UX? So far I've heard that it has trouble with making you switch between the Netbook Remix interface, and the "my Jolicloud" one.
A: Not for me. First improvement I would like to see (but it is still 7 days from first release !!) : is to be able to show applis not only in full screen. I need sometimes to have 2 applis side by side, even in a netbook. Not a big deal, but UX.

emsenn: That's one thing that's annoyed me about Ubuntu Netbook Remix problems. Until they're removed, which JoliCloud is working on, from what I understand. Like making it boot straight into the Jolicloud application
A: That's why, we have to wait for ... beta ;-)

emsenn: Hah, maybe you. I'm still waiting to get on Alpha!
Still no invite for me :(
A: We are only 100 or less at the moment ... so do not worry. New Alpha invitations will arrive, I have been told ... ;-)

So, let me thank emsenn for his genuine interest and I wish him to receive an alpha invitation soon ;-)

For more data about @emsenn check his blog , here his own short bio: 19 year old American student with experience in many operating systems and several programming languages, who focuses on net neutrality and privacy, in a simple and clear manner.


  1. I am still waiting for the to send me a code so i can download it.! haha!

  2. Thanks for posting this, some interesting information out there.