Thursday, June 18, 2009

EasyPeasy - JoliCloud - Ubuntu Netbook Remix

When I searched for Jolicloud, I often found that "geeks" pretended it was some sort of Easypeasy or Ubuntu Netbook Remix...

So, when @ramonsuarez , a Spanish Blogger/Marketeer and a Twitter personality of the Belgian Web scene, came by to show me his Asus EeePc loaded with Easypeasy, an Ubuntu version of the Linux OS , I couldn't resist to try it and take a screenshot (Over here)

And down, here is one screen shot of my JOLICLOUD OS, Robbie release (alpha) :

In fact, if they look similar is that they are all based, at some degree, on the UBUNTU NETBOOK REMIX : a package 'remix' of the standard Ubuntu Desktop release to enable it to work better on netbooks or devices with small screens and is optimized for use with the Intel Atom processor. Ubuntu is a computer operating system (OS) based on Debian GNU/Linux.

Here is a screen shot of the Ubuntu Netbook Remix:

On the practical side, the JoliCloud OS, looks at me more safer and easy for a first time user of a netbook and of LINUX/UBUNTU.... . You really do not need to read pages and pages. You do not have multiple choices.

I guess that, at this stage, you have a more controlled access (and so limited) to all applis available on the Linux Market with Jolicloud than with he others, but, I think, that for a first time netbook user, is the best way to approach Linux and get rid of Windows XP ;-)

I feel Jolicloud as a Easy Simple Club OS. Yes, Club ! Why Club ? Well, I will develop in another post.

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  1. Thanks for the praise ;-) and for the insight about the special desktop presentation of the netbook remix.

    Indeed, if you want something #easysimple you don't want to have many options. But this can be very frustrating as soon as you want to do something that is not part of the menu.

    My experience with easypeasy has been the best linux experience I have had so far. For me it comes along a way started by Mandrake and then picked up by Ubuntu of really caring about the enduser.

    I do think that #easypeasy is #easysimple: works perfect out of the box :-)

  2. Oh, and by the way, it sucks not having received the #jolicloud invitation yet ;-)

  3. may i ask on which netbook u are testing jolicloud?

  4. as mentioned before, is a Dell mini 9 Inspiron.

    Here is the list of Compatible netbooks:

  5. Sorry...i didn't see that was mentioned a Dell Mini... :)

    I know that my Eeepc900 is supported, i just wanna know if all it's functions key are working on jolicloud (i have just been joliclouded ^____^)

  6. Hi,

    I just wanted to add my thoughts. Im currently using Jolicloud Pre-Beta on my HP 5101 series netbook. Its fast and efficient. I installed it to an SD card to do some testing and much to my surprise, its a great little OS. For those of you worried about applications, dont get hung up over the limited ones available on the app market. This is full blown Ubuntu Jaunty, and the repositories are installed already. If you are a somewhat experienced Linux user, you can just use apt-get to download any additional packages. Im downloading KDE as I write this ;)

    Hope this helps!!!