Friday, November 19, 2010

Now you can buy the new JoliBook (by @Jolicloud) for £279.99 ! direct link=>

The Jolicloud web site has a new design and new pages and you can follow a direct link to buy the new JoliBook the netbok built by/for Jolicloud !

And, confirmed battery is a 7 hours !

The direct linkto buy it at £279.99 is this one:
but the only country where you can get it for the moment is the United Kingdom.

Friday, November 12, 2010

wow, JoliBook has an exclusive blue Jolicloud Key like Apple or MS !

We just found the new exclusive bleu Jolicloud key on the keyboard to replace the MS or the Apple ones. This key will probably launch the Jolicloud Menu even if you are in an app.

New Jolibook (Jolicloud netbook) pics, links and vid

As you remember we were the first to "envisage" the real existence of the JoliBook, a netbook for the Jolicloud OS.

Here you can see the first official pics of the machine.

Jolicloud will be produced by the Chinese VYE.

We had for a few hours the official link to the Jolicloud netbook on the VYE website:

But since then it has been put on hold ;-)

The data we could read were:

no price tag already…

screen: 10.1′
processor; dual core intel Atom N550
storage (hard drive): 250GB
memory (RAM) 1GB DD3
battery life: up 3 hours
OS: Jolicloud 1.1

Here the link to the VIDEO from TechCrunch showing the BOX and more details from Tariq Krim himself :