Friday, November 12, 2010

New Jolibook (Jolicloud netbook) pics, links and vid

As you remember we were the first to "envisage" the real existence of the JoliBook, a netbook for the Jolicloud OS.

Here you can see the first official pics of the machine.

Jolicloud will be produced by the Chinese VYE.

We had for a few hours the official link to the Jolicloud netbook on the VYE website:

But since then it has been put on hold ;-)

The data we could read were:

no price tag already…

screen: 10.1′
processor; dual core intel Atom N550
storage (hard drive): 250GB
memory (RAM) 1GB DD3
battery life: up 3 hours
OS: Jolicloud 1.1

Here the link to the VIDEO from TechCrunch showing the BOX and more details from Tariq Krim himself :

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