Thursday, December 10, 2009

If you are an alpha tester of JOLICLOUD just wait to upgrade to Beta

As Tariq Krim has just preesented at LeWeb conference in Paris the new Beta of Jolicloud, let's remind to all of us , alpha testers that the pre-beta version will be available from update in our JOLICLOUD by the end of thsi week. (VIDEO here)

Here is a good post by Robin Wauters from Paris (an early adopter of Jolicloud, like me ;-) and also a journo at techCrunch) on the upcoming beta version of Jolicloud

Friday, December 4, 2009

Jolicloud Not Final Pre-Beta Release Hands On is out !

Update: NETBOOKED a very well informad blog about ... netbooks, created by Peter Cartwright, has just released the First Hand Out review of the to come Jolicloud pre-Beta BUT NOT FINAL release

UPDATE: the version used by Peter is a test version, improving on alpha 2C that we have all, but it is not the new FINAL VERSION of the coming beta!

source: a Tweet from @jolicloud:
@JacopoGio Be aware the Pre-Beta Netbooked got is NOT the final version ;)
jolicloud 5th Dec, 0:23

Many of the points I was asking for an improvement seem to have been corrected (as always with a Tariq Krim project):
- resizing,
- double icon in the task bar ...

Well, we all need to just way another few days to be able to test it on our own ;-)