Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Yes, you can have a dual-boot with Jolicloud !

I was checking this blog stats and among others there are a few searches coming for Dual-Boot.

So, yes, you can use you netbook with a Multi-Boot and more frequently a Dual-boot.

On my own Dell mini 9 inspiron I have keept the original OS (Windows XP) and I have added, in parallel, Jolicloud, the easysimple OS made for netbooks and based on Linux.

If works fine, in fact it is as if I had 2 different netbooks as the 2 partitions (divisions of the hard disk) that I made, 1 for XP and 1 for Jolicloud, do not communicate to each other. So, yes, I had to reenter passwords and to download applis that I had already... nut that because i wanted to keep the dual-boot. ;-)

Why I wanted to keep XP ? Well:
  1. to compare wih Jolicloud (and for the moment I am very pleased) and
  2. to use applis or devices (as un 3G USB key) that have not already good Linux drivers
  3. to have an option in case of a failure of ... Jolicloud that is still just in its alpha stage (but that has never happened so far)
For what the dual-boot is concerned, the Jolicloud settings will force Jolicloud as the "default OS to lauch at start" . That means that if I just click ON on my netbook, Jlicloud will launch itself on the machine... unless in the 10 first seconds I move the arrow on the XP sign to launch instead XP.

Some, more expert users are also using a Triple-Boot with ... other Linux Distributions.

(IMAGE taken from: thanks in advance ;-) )

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