Friday, September 11, 2009

Finally I can resize my windows in Jolicloud OS

A month ago I wrote my wish list concerning Jolicloud and the first point was:

1) I want to have multiple windows/applis opened at the same time on my netbok screen

For that the "resize window" was to be functioning on my Dell mini 9.
And today, with the new updates I have it ! Thanks Jolicloud Team, you rocks !

You can see from my captures that "Resize Window" works for the FireFox web-browser but also for the other applis. Down here you can see Openoffice Writer and FF.

The resizing, is not as immediate as in Windows XP, because Jolicloud, the easysimple OS for netbooks, is by default pushing the windows at the maximum size to help with the smaller screens.

So, in order to resize a window, you have
  1. to click in the Top menu bar (the one with the Blue House)
  2. choose Restore (that way ... the windows gets resizeable with the little white arrow (you can see in my captures)
Among the options, in the Top menu bar, there is also a Resize option, but that one does not work for me :-/ (I have a French version, so it could be a translation problem)


  1. thanks for this tip! I noticed you can just right-click the taskbar icon and choose "unmaximize" / "maximize" to toggle the window full screen or not.

    One bug I see is that the program name is no longer shown in the titlebar.

  2. Thanks Peter,
    can you show here a screen capture of the bug ?