Friday, August 7, 2009

My wish list for Jolicloud Beta, the easysimple OS for netbooks

So, Jolicloud in its Alpha2c version is here, working smoothly with just minor problems and for an alpha, I must say, is a success !

But, now, I am sure that Tariq Krim and his team have more, much more to show us.
So here is my wish list, hoping that a few of those requests will be available anytime soon in the new Beta of Jolicloud.

What I want to see in the Jolicloud beta, the easysimple Os for Netbooks.

1) I want to have multiple windows/applis opened at the same time on my netbok screen

It is possible with an XP on my Dell mini 9 netbook. (see capture)
Ok the screen is small, but what if I want to follow a game score and, at the same time, check a Twitter search on Jolicloud ? If XP can do change sizes of windows, I want it also on JoliCloud !

2) I want to be able to install mach more applis without waiting for Jolicloud to prepare them for me? (see first capture over there)
How can I bypass this lock ? Is it safe ?

3) I do not want to have a double icon on the top menu bar (when I open an appli)

4) I want a new MyJolicloud user interface with beatiful settings, drag/drop, widgets, favorites ... (I am used to Netvibes, now ;-) ) and no more an Ubuntu NR ui.

5) I want more information from Jolicloud on confidentiality and private data storage.

6) I want Jolicloud to open my netbook directly on the new MyJolicloud Homepage (or any other appli/page of my choice)

7) I want the Social Side of Jolicloud (yet to come) to be configurable by me with my preferred sites (twitter/likedin/facebook/gmail...) and not another proprietary closed service.

8) I want to be able, in the future, to use Jolicloud on other devices than netbooks

9) I want Jolicloud to be "really" touchscreen compliant (with setting for icon sizes and rest).

10) I want Jolicloud to be a huge success ;-)

Do you have other points to add ? => comments ;-)


  1. To answer your wish #2 - you can already create your own web apps by using Prism (which is already installed in the OS). Its real easy. I do it all the time.

  2. You are right, and I wrote a post about it ;-)
    But, it is not a 1 click option, like in FireFox and XP with the add-on. So, I want it here on Jolicloud ;-)