Sunday, August 9, 2009

My ideas on what Jolicloud is and is not

This is a Sunday post on Jolicloud, the new easysimple Web OS for Netbooks.
So, no data, but just ideas ... in disorder ;-)

Well, now is time to out ! Bye.


  1. You're missing a clear distinction that needs to be made, I think -

    - What Jolicloud is NOW
    - What Jolicloud will be

    Right now, you can't deny that Jolicloud is just a tweaked and tuned release of Ubuntu Netbook Remix. Have you tried running apt-get in terminal? It's still picking up the core security patches from Ubuntu. But that's great - it's nothing negative.

    Open source suffers with a constant re-invention of the wheel. Ok, so Tariq's going to go down the properietary route, but at least a whole load of time was saved by not developing a core system from scratch.

    I'd like to think that Jolicloud will be everything I wanted gOS to be. Almost all of what I do is through a browser, which probably puts me in a minority, but I see the shift to becoming nomadic as an increasing trend.

    My non-techie friends use computers for Facebook and email. What they need is a stripped down and secure system that instantly loads and just has two massive options - email or chat with social network X. If Jolicloud's headed down that route, I know there's a market for it.

  2. Hi Dan,
    When I write "I do not believe that an experienced entrepreneur as Tariq Krim, has chosen to compete with Microsoft and Google and ... Linux just to do a Ubuntu Netbook Remix in a "delux" version." it just means that.
    Yes, now on Jolicloud, you see a lot or almost only UNR but that is just on the surface.
    But, following Tariq for years now, I know that there is more coming...

    At the moment, your non-techie friends, if they have a Netbook are not on Linux but on XP and they are happy with it.

    Like, people were happy with iGoogle or MyYahoo, then Netvibes arrived ...