Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tip: How to add a Web appli to your Jolicloud netbook

If you can not wait that the Jolicloud team prepares for you a Web application, here is a short procedure for doing that yourself.

But, first let me thank Keith Rowland who wrote it in his blog Looking Out For Number One because I had just copy/pasted its own text ;-)

For doing that you need to launch Prism an application created by Mozilla (the makers of Firefox, Thunderbird, ...) that comes integrated in the Jolicloud package.

Here it is Keith's text:

Step-by-step instructions for adding your own web page as a Launch Menu application.

First Make a Prism App:

  • UPADTE just type ALT + F2
  • OR (From the Home Launcher (the little bleu house icon in the left of the upper menu) , click Accessories then click Terminal.)
  • Type at the command line: prism and then do click "enter"
  • Enter the URL of the Web application (as in
  • Enter the Display Name you want.
  • Check any Options you want, this adds extra browser items to the window.
  • You MUST check Desktop Shortcut so it will create the command we want to use next.
  • Change the ICON if you have another one to use, otherwise the website icon will be retrieved.
  • Click OK and you should see it run, see if it did go to where you wanted it to. Close it.
  • Close Terminal window, Control-D will work or click the eXit tab.

Add it to the Menu:

  • From Home Launcher, on the right side click Desktop, this is where Prism put your webapp launcher.
  • Right click your new desktop webapp icon, and select Properties.
  • Grab all the text in the Command area by clicking in the box, type Control-A, then Control-C.
  • Close the Properties window and exit the Desktop file browser.
  • From the Home Launcher, left side click Preferences, then find and click Main Menu.
  • From the left side, choose which menu you want to insert this website application into.
  • From the right side click New Item.
  • Type in the Name to display on your Main Menu.
  • Put the command code into the Command field by typing Control-V, then click OK.
  • Close the Main Menu program.

Now click on the Menu Category you chose above and your application should be there. You can right click and add to your Favorites.


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