Sunday, September 13, 2009

New MiniWidget for Jolicloud (Weather, Localization) is amazing

The new updates of Joliclouds are improuving even more the easysimple netbook OS, still in its alpha version.

Today, I jujst discovered a new option by clicking on the time zone on the right in the upper menu.

In fact, 2 new options are present: Localization (enter your city) and Weather (where you can choose your preferred units for temperature and wind speed).

Once done, you have now a mini widget appearing in the top menu bar on the right.

The mini-widget will show the latest weather conditions with an icon reprensenting the weather conditions (sunny, cloudly, rain) , the day/night time, the temp and date (day/month, hours and seconds)
If you pass over with your arrow you will have also the wind speed and the local sunrise and sundet hours.

Now, if you want to check more than one city, you have just to add them to the list (like I did for San Francisco and Hô Chi Minh Ville) so you will be able to check in one click on the mini widget, their local time and weather conditions! And a Montly calendar is there too with a World map with your cities.

Very useful, is also that all cities you have entered have an indication (+/-) containing the number of hours difference. So, finally, I know that SF is -9 hours compared to Brussels(Paris) and that Vietnam is +5. => easysimple !

Here, also just with "mouse-over", I can check weather conditions in all the cities I have selected: useful for frequent travellers!

That is really an amazing improvement that gives just an idea, I think, of the real potential of Jolicloud, as a dedicated Os for netbooks with special concepts adapted to the netbooks.

I am waiting the new beta release that I am sure will bring many more surprises.

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