Monday, July 27, 2009

Jolicloud OS works on a normal Dell laptop

New Jolicloud user, Jorge Luis Vargas Portilla, from Bogotà (Colombia) has installed Jolicloud on a normal laptop even if, at the moment, JOLICLOUD IS NOT OPTIMIZED for LAPTOPS.

I was intrigued and I emailed Jorge Luis and here is what he wrote to me (published with his autorization ;-) and with his own screen captures:

"Well I dont have a netbook, so I had to try Jolicloud on my laptop: a Dell Inspiron 640m.

I have now a triple Boot, Windows XP , Ubuntu 9.04 and Jolicloud.

Some things work better (in Jolicloud) than in Ubuntu, in example the battery last more and some apps run smooth but other things works pretty slowly, like the home screen it lags horribly when you click or point any icon.

And the video streaming doesnt work properly all the time.

To do the install, I selected the Dell Mini 10v option.

Well the screen vision its better than Ubuntu, the max resolution in Ubuntu is like 1280x800, but looks like 1024x800, but here the resolution is completely 1280x800, and you have more space to work.

3 things I didnt like in Jolicloud at the moment:

  1. the home screen looks exactly the same to Ubuntu ReMix,
  2. you can'y launch apps directly from myJolicloud screen, you have to go to the home screen and open them from there, and
  3. when you have an app open like facebook of twitter you can't just open a new window, you have to use that actual window to open links. I'm the kind of guy that keeps like 15 tabs open at the same time and sometimes all are facebook or digg, so that's kinda annoying.
But I really like the concept, even when it need a lot of work. And the best of all you can install any app you can on Ubuntu, you still having a terminal and even when they try to make it transparent to the final user you can configure anything you like with a couple console lines.

So that is the first impressions of a Jolicloud OS on a normal 14.1-inch laptop.

From the captures, that Jorge Luis sent and that I publish here, you can see that there is a lot of space left. Especially in the upper capture, Jolicloud has been setted on just 6 lines of text and that leaves a lot os space under it.

The 3 things that Jorge Luis does not like in Jolicloud (so am I) are the actual features of the OS even for normal netbooks like my Dell mini but I hope they will improve.

I was very much interested to know if and how a laptop worked with the Jolicloud OS even in its alpha stage. Well, it works !

So thanks Jorge Luis for your contribution !