Friday, July 24, 2009

Why Jolicloud is not optimized for a normal laptop or PC

A lot of people, including myelf, have thought of using Jolicloud the new easysimple OS not on a netbook but on an "old" PC or laptop.

Tariq Krim, CEO and founder of Jolicloud, has answerd to this on the Special Getsatisfaction page by saying that: since we have optimized the kernel for netbooks and smaller screen-size, we support only netbook usage of Jolicloud.

So if you want to try anyway to install Jolicloud on a normal laptop you should keep in mind , says Tariq, that :
As any linux you can make it run anywhere on a computer and a virtualization app like virtualbox. In general you would replace our optimized kernel by the generic kernel and figure out the configuration of the graphics drivers.

So some work in perspective but that could be useful in future to be able to sync applis on different PC not just netbooks.

A user reports that his Dell Inspiron 640m Laptop is working fine with Jolicloud.

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